It is often assumed women are bad at sport.  #ThisGirlCan week at Greenwich proves this is not true.  #ThisGirlCan week is a nationwide campaign, launched by the BUCS and Sport England for community clubs. Sports Coordinator Ben Porter, is working with the Greenwich Student Union to support club development and get female students involved in sport.

In early November, Porter headed this campaign to highlight the achievements of female students. When asked why this campaign is important, Porter stated that “talent, passion, work ethic and teamwork are not male attributes, and sport helps to provide a community for women as much as men.”

The social media campaign invited sporty participants to “share successes, stories and achievements with the hashtag #GREGirlsCan. Porter highlights its success, “within a series of Instagram posts, tweets and photos. “Students took part in matches, training and fitness activities going on around Greenwich”.  Participants even had the opportunity to win a Vibes entry voucher. From Rugby to Cheerleading a variety of societies got involved in this campaign. Noting its success, Porter ends on the “re-launching of GREGirlsCan Month in March” which will be “supporting the Women’s SUUG liberation campaign!”

Follow their Facebook page to find out all things sport occurring in Greenwich.

(Photo reference:- https://www.facebook.com/teamgreenwich/posts/929537577177948)



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