Celebrating black history month in Greenwich


This October the borough of Greenwich has been putting on a variety of events for black history month.  The Greenwich Theatre at Crooms Hill, hosted a play called “African Women”. On Sunday 16th October, writers Milly Namukasa and Essence Kasozi put on a play with talented actors around the exploitation of African women. The writers aimed to portray relevant themes in a humourous and relatable way. Topics explored include polygamy, misogyny and status.

Later on this week, trade unionist, artist and poet Zita Holbourne performed at The University of Greenwich. Reciting spoken word from her book “Striving for Equality, Freedom, Justice”, audience reception was overwhelmingly positive. Third year student Aman, age 20 commented “Zita is an inspiration” as did former student Michael, 21 when stating “This is one of the best events I have been to”.

Ongoing events include “A Celebration of African Queens”, an exhibition celebrating black women in the past and present. The work featured within this exhibition, consists of artists from Nigeria, Uganda and The United Kingdom. Hosted by JonaQuestArt, the gallery is on 36 Greenwich Church Street. This free exhibition is running from 19th -25th October, 11am – 7pm.

Later on in October, Goldsmith University invites author of “The Politics of race in Britain and South Africa” Elizabeth Williams to discuss her latest book. On Monday 24th October at 6pm, Williams will be comparing South African and British history, through the lens of racism. A fascinating and historical event like the former, this is just some of the events occurring in the creative borough of Greenwich.

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Shut Down Yarls Wood – Greenwich

Each year, women sent to Yarls Wood detention centre are living in prison like conditions, vulnerable to sexual assault, the detain of their children and even death.  Detainees are likely to have experienced, domestic violence, forced marriage and female genitale mutilation prior to arriving at Yarls Wood.


December 3rd 2016, efforts continue with a demonstration against this institution. But before then, Yarls Wood campaigners are travelling across the United Kingdom to engage participation from students.

The University of Greenwich will be holding an event, on November 17th to spread awareness of the experiences faced inside this detention centre. The event will include, discussion, a film and Q&A to allow representatives from this movement to reveal the experiences women within Yarls Wood face.

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