Student Comedian Michael Odewale on Men and Feminism


“I can’t help but get a little suspicious when men call themselves feminist” says student comedian Michael Odewale. Odewale is no stranger to women’s issues, with a stand-up routine of “politics to pigeons”. Having grown up in Dagenham with his sister and mother, Odewale is a recent Greenwich graduate making his mark in the British stand-up scene. In 2016 he became a finalist in BBC Radio New Comedy Award and is now performing across the UK. “I’ve done alright in comedy and I would put it down to…trusting myself and just being good at taking opportunities that have come my way”.

On the subject of feminism, Odewale is quite critical of those who use the term, stating “you can call yourself a feminist and everyone congratulates you on how progressive you are, but could still be doing sexist things”.  A criticism he believes applies to men and women, continuing on to say “I think it’s one of those things where actions speak louder than words.  If people see the things I do and say and think it’s feminist then ok then, but I am not going around blowing my own horn”.

Online educational platform Everyday Feminism, defines Intersectionality as the acknowledgment of “multiple aspects of identity…and experiences” in feminist discourse. Odewale believes intersectionality is important, stating “there is a well-documented race problem within the feminist movement. “It’s not as inclusive as it should be”, he said reacting to statistics on electoral support for Trump. “A lot of white women voted for Trump. I saw a tweet earlier, saying it goes to show that it was an inclination that a lot of white women are more afraid of losing their white privilege than their rights to be a woman. That’s a big generalization of course to make but I can’t lie, I felt there was some truth in there.”

Though both critical of the feminist movement, and resistant of the feminist label Odewale does not agree with the mennist movement. Mennism is about fighting for men’s rights, a label adopted by controversial figure Rosh V who wishes to legalise rape. Odewale comments, “It’s a silly name first of all. They should rebrand”.  Adding to this point he said, “there are issues that affect men that are important and need to be addressed, mental health being one of them and more attention and resources should go into them”. Meninists highlight an “important conversation” which deserves its own place “and should not be at odds with feminism.” The future for male feminists to Michael Odewale, is then one where men “support and more importantly to listen to women” even if they do not identify as feminist.

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The best politicians know how to bury bodies, award-winning comedian tells Greenwich Student Radio Show


For a Black History month segment, “What’s Occurring” host Calin Epure invited 2016 BBC Radio New Comedy Award Finalist, Michael Odewale and me Chloe May, as Greenwich Feminist society president.

Michael Odewale  is a recent Greenwich university graduate who worked as a stand-up during his tuimes studying. .

With comedy, and his experience as a black man he gives a perfect balance when discussing serious topics from Brexit, to The Oscars, political blackness and the relevance of black history month in this day and age.


“Good evening everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of What’s Occurring.”…. Sound proof walls intact, scripts ready and microphones on. At the flick of a switch the show begins.

Speaking on the American presidential election, Michael gave advice on how Americans should decide their vote.

“The best politician is one you can trust to bury a body with.You may not necessarily like them, but they would get the job done.

Donald Trump would be boastful and blow your cover, whereas Hillary would be sneaky and able to help you get away with it.”

Later explored, was the Uproar surrounding The University of Kent.  According to The BBC, Former One Direction member Zayn Malik of Irish and South Asian descent was chosen as a headline act for Black History Month.

In agreement, it was clear all members felt more should be done to involve the Black British community when decisions for black history month are made in the future.

This is a taste of the discourse “What’s Occurring” offers to its listeners. The audience is able to explore the views of many, whether feminist, socialist, conservative or Leninist. There are no boundaries.

Do you have opinions which deserve to be heard? What’s Occurring is a radio show run by The Politics Society at Greenwich University.  Encouraging diversity in political beliefs, a variety of voices appear on this show.

Every Wednesday at 7PM, learn more about Politics domestically and internationally. Guests are from a variety of backgrounds, and the occasional light hearted comedy brought by comedian Michael Odewale.

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